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Universal Laws

  • Souls incarnated on the earth are subject to certain spiritual laws such as, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap" (karma) or "As ye judge (others), so shall ye be judged."

Just a thought

What I do when I am on EP depends on the time element involved, and of course, how I happen to be feeling atm.
But like today, real life kept interrupting and I was up/down, back and forth and mostly spent my time when here reading stories.  (smiles)  I honestly have no idea how I got from story one to the last story... not only was I clicking another story from whatever  forum I was at, I was reading comments and clicking profiles to better understand the writer and clicking different forums there, such a crazy path!
Some very interesting reads on EP, people put tremendous effort in to their writing and that shows (good job writers!)

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